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Ultimate Custom Night
Developer: Clickteam USA LLC
os: Android Ios
size: 151M
updated: May 16, 2020


Ultimate Custom Night is a puzzle game that allows you to experience a tense and exciting game in a scary atmosphere.

Horror game fans must try it, will give you an unexpected surprise. Ultimate Custom Night" is a derivative of the Teddy Bear's Five Nights of Harem series, which brings together 50 mechanical dolls from various parts of the series, adding a large number of fights, adding to the tense atmosphere of the game, adding new modes and content, full of challenges. Players must defeat more dolls to get a high score. The difficulty of the game can be adjusted by the player. Players need to carefully collect items and weapons that can be used to crack the puzzles while meeting the playful mechanical dolls that rush at you to defeat them.

If you are a big fan of the player bear series, you will not want to miss the "Ultimate Custom Night" game inside all the gameplay, scenarios and content contains several previous teddy bear five night game, the classic series of works of the skewer production. Equivalent to let players relive the joy again, but the game becomes more fun and interesting. I believe that many players will like it.

Ultimate Custom Night game inside the combination of super horrible mechanical dolls, including the dolls you are familiar with will meet you in the game, all you can do in it is to survive! Find the dolls and defeat them! 50 mechanical dolls for you to choose from, you can freely choose the type of dolls and the number of dolls. The more dolls you challenge, the more difficult it will be, and the higher your final score will be. The game still uses the classic background music, with the dark environment of the spooky atmosphere, plus the sudden appearance of mechanical dolls in front of you, is definitely an exciting adventure.



How To Play

Ultimate Custom Night game is very simple to play, but for new players may be uncomfortable. After the game starts, you may be suddenly frightened by the appearance of dolls and lead to the end of the game, but do not be anxious and discouraged, play a few more times to get familiar with it. The game difficulty from 0-20 can be experienced at will, if you are a new player is recommended to start from the 0 level, one by one challenge, after gradually adapt, enjoy the process of fighting with these mechanical dolls. Customize the game to add the dolls you want to challenge, you can add your favorite, these are no restrictions, very open and free, this is very friendly to some new players, you can adjust and change according to their own strength. You don't have to worry about being unable to pass because the level is too difficult.

In the game the player will still play a night security guard, in the first person perspective in the security room. Players need to manipulate the doors, surveillance systems and vents in the security room, but also to ensure that the mechanical dolls do not enter your room. Get hold of some of your room props such as heaters, air conditioners, global music boxes, generators and other tools, these props can save your life at critical times, heaters, air conditioners, generators can be manipulated. You can also set traps in the vents to prevent the dolls they come in through the vents to hurt you. Note; each character has a different attack method, so players must use the corresponding method to resist.

Ultimate Custom Night is a successful challenge when you survive seven days and five nights in the game. In the upper left corner of the game device, you can see the time, which is the time rule in the game. A variety of storylines are available for adventure, and you can invite your friends to play the game together, so that the more timid players will not feel afraid to play the game.


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