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Talking Tom Gold Run
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
os: Ios Android
size: 116M
updated: April 5, 2022


Do you still remember the tomcat that could only speak? I believe it occupied two-thirds of your time in your childhood games, when it could paraphrase your words in a funny tone, you must not imagine that now it has grown its skills, it can do parkour! The next game we want to introduce is the parkour type of Tom Cat series --- Talking Tom Gold Run, which is also developed by Outfit7 Limited, so players can still see your most familiar characters after entering the game, the most familiar faces, such as: Angela, Ginger, Ben and Hank, etc.. The game's graphics and game characters are the same cartoon cute, very attractive.

The game play is not much different from the traditional parkour game, which means that the game is very easy to operate, easy to start, players only need to move their fingers to win the game, click the screen to control the character left and right movement, and Temple Run this game is very similar, players need to control the character while collecting more gold coins, while needing to avoid the obstacles in front, as long as the character will not hit the As long as the character does not hit the obstacle, then the player can keep running.

The game also has a similar gameplay to the battle royal, that is, players can use the collected safe to upgrade their own props, because the safe has gold and some props, but want to open the safe may take players some time, but players can use the corresponding props to open!

Talking Tom Gold Run can also be a raising type of game, because the player can collect the gold to upgrade the house, so that their level is higher and higher, the higher the level, the player can unlock more game characters. This is perhaps one of the highlights of Talking Tom Gold Run, which is different from other games of the same type. Come and enjoy the unique parkour charm of Talking Tom Gold Run!



How To Play

Talking Tom Gold Run's gameplay is the same as most of the same type of parkour games, keep running forward and collect more gold coins, the game is different from other parkour games is that the player collects a certain amount of gold coins can be upgraded to build houses, not only that can also unlock more new characters, including Angela, Ginger, Ben and Hank. This means that Talking Tom Gold Run is not just a running game, which also contains some elements of the raising series, the game to get the gold players can not be used to upgrade props, can only be used to upgrade the transformation of the house, that is, to buy some building materials. Prop upgrade players can only get the material of the prop itself to upgrade. When players in the process of parkour will encounter some safes, do not miss these safes, it will be able to bring you some rewards, such as some props material, gold coins and so on. If you get a treasure chest, you want to hurry to open it, then you can use props to speed up.

After the game starts, players need to click the screen to control the movement of the character, when you encounter some short obstacles, you can slide up to make the character jump up so as to avoid this obstacle, running process must not forget to collect gold coins, which is very important. At the beginning of playing this game, the system will give the player some tips, such as turn left or turn right, etc. If the player encounters a very tall obstacle, the system will give the player some tips. If the player encounters a very high obstacle must not choose to jump, otherwise it will hit the obstacle, which will lead to the end of the game. So the best way is to keep running on the moving carriage, only need to cross, so you can avoid encountering more complex obstacles.

There will be more and more obstacles ahead, and the speed will be faster and faster, will you be able to pass?


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