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Bloons TD 5
Developer: Ninja Kiwi Limited
os: Android Ios
size: 100MB
updated: February 7, 2022


Your old friend is back, this is a tower defense game with monkey soldiers, do you still remember it? This game has a lot of series, I believe you are not strange, these monkeys are your corps, balloons are your enemies, so what is the name of this game? Yes, it is Bloons TD 5, this game is a continuation of the previous generations of works of tower guard game. Compared with the previous ones, this new Bloons TD will bring you a lot of different experiences.

This tower defense game is mainly a mini-game with the cute and naughty monkey as the character, the reason why this game has now appeared Bloons TD 5 series, it is more than Bloons TD 4 to increase the daily tasks and some special tasks, and also added some special balloons, some balloons can return blood in the battle, and also added the monkey corps.

This game still uses the previous cartoon style, and the game scene using colorful match, so that the scene looks both exaggerated and cool, and also first the previous monkeys as your soldiers, you need to upgrade your monkeys, and build the perfect defense army, this game's army unlike other tower defense game's army, Bloons TD 5 use monkeys to be your army, balloons as your Bloons TD 5 uses monkeys as your army and balloons as your enemy, which is probably the feature of this tower defense game, and also attracts a lot of players.

Bloons TD 5 game has many other elements for you to discover, such as the game tower defense experience is strong, if you are still a more like strategy tower defense game players, then you can also experience in this game, because this game also requires you to have a certain strategy, in the critical moment to arrange the right monkey soldiers to complete the victory, then you must not miss this interesting The game.



How To Play

Bloons TD 5 is very simple to play, when you enter the game, you need to know the properties of your monkey troops, as well as the properties of the balloon, after all, in the battle to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both sides is good for you to win, know your enemy and know yourself a hundred battles will be won.

The reasoning of the game is very simple, you need to arrange the monkeys to shoot the balloons passing by, does not sound very simple, but you will find that some balloons are more difficult to break, then you need to upgrade their soldiers, when you upgrade them will involve money, you can complete certain special tasks in the game, you can get.

In this Bloons TD 5 game, you can match the location of the monkeys in your own way, which involves your strategy, you need to arrange them to the right shooting position, each monkey in the game will shoot these balloons in a different way, the game also allows you to make purchases of various props for the monkeys and other different varieties of monkey soldiers.

Each area of the game has a designated path for balloons to pass through, and when balloons appear in this area you can arrange different monkey defenders around the area, and then they can directly and quickly attack all the balloons that appear, and the monkeys need to break them before they reach the end of the balloon to be successful.

This game also has a lot of new game elements added to the new battle, so you can feel the new tower defense fun in this game, so do you want to challenge their own tower defense strategy? Hurry up and join us in this Bloons TD 5 game to see what is different from other tower defense versions!


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