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Papa's Freezeria To Go!
Developer: Flipline IDS LLC
os: Android Ios
size: 88M
updated: April 28, 2021


When your summer vacation starts, what are you going to do? If you don't have a good answer, then why not come to Papa's Freezeria To Go! Papa Louie's has opened an ice cream store in Sea Ice City and business is booming, with more and more customers.

It is not a simple thing to run an ice cream store, you must provide the appropriate service according to the requirements of customers, each customer has its own special taste, you can meet them? Mix the ice cream and jam together, put it in a cup, top it with toppings, and finally decorate it with a cherry, and a delicious sundae is made. After serving the food to your customers, you will reap their money.

As you gradually master the making method, you will find that the ice cream store is getting more and more customers. You must make the food for them within a certain time frame or you will lose the trust of your customers. On the contrary, the faster and better you do it, the better the business of the ice cream store will be, and the more gold coins you earn at the same time. When you accumulate a certain amount of coins, you can upgrade the ice cream store and unlock more ingredients and production tools.

Sundaes, ice cream and more ice cream treats are made here. In addition to fulfilling customer orders, you can make more combinations with ingredients, try more possibilities, and maybe you'll create a delicious sundae without even thinking about it!

You are needed in every area, and you must be skilled in switching to each venue and performing your job accordingly. In short, it is your goal to make your customers happy or satisfied.

Papa's Freezeria To Go! is an American cartoon style cooking game with a simple and fun gameplay suitable for every player. You can experience the fun of cooking and discover more surprises in the game!



How To Play

Players will help Louis the owner to run an ice cream store. The game is very simple, when players first enter the game, the ice cream store will not have too many customers, players just need to make food according to the customer's order requirements. Pour the ice cream in the mixer, add syrup, whipped cream and other mixtures, start the machine to mix well and pour into the cup, a delicious sundae is finished, you can add some decoration on the sundae to make it look more delicious. When customers are satisfied with the sundae you made, they will leave a tip, which will accumulate.

As the game progresses, you will have to face more customers, even those with more discerning tastes, which will require you to serve food in a short time, challenging your ability to operate. Watching waiting customers in the restaurant lobby; mixing sundaes at the build station and so on, you need to switch back and forth between multiple locations to serve food and keep customers happy before they feel impatient. Be sure not to keep the customers waiting too long.

All operations in the game are done through the touch screen. For example, you can tap a button to switch to placeable items such as cherries and cookies, or tap the screen to pick up a cup.

When you reach a certain amount of coins and level up, you can upgrade your ice cream store by replacing the normal making machine with a high-end one and unlocking more ingredients and toppings. With the gold coins, you can buy various decorative items and decorate the lobby of the restaurant to your liking to create a more advanced ice cream store. This will attract more customers for you, and at the same time, is a greater challenge!


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