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Developer: Playrix
os: Android Ios
size: 141M
updated: April 11, 2022


You live in a big city, busy streets, people coming and going from the mall, and never-ending traffic, and after a long time like this, you begin to long for the trees growing freely outside your window, and the birds flying freely in the sky. Until one day you receive a letter with the words, "Hello, my name is Austin, I am your uncle's housekeeper, you have inherited his beautiful mansion and a lovely garden, come and see the place, I promise you will like it!" After reading the letter, you simply packed your bags and got up and headed there without hesitation...

Gardenscapes is a casual mobile game with classic triple elimination gameplay, in which players need to continuously eliminate stars to unlock more decorations to make the garden more beautiful, and in this game, there is a rich plot, which is not available in most casual breakout games, so there are many players who look at this point and praise the Gardenscapes is a game that has been well received by many players. Here has the most healing dress up flavor, the traditional elimination experience is also in it. Super gorgeous skin waiting for you to receive, dream scene is no longer a dream, is a real garden. Hurry up and compare the ranking with everyone to be able to harvest more surprises and benefits. Several in-game characters are waiting to become friends with you, and you can increase your friendship by checking the emails they send you and communicating with them to reply.

Game Features

-Carefully designed triple elimination levels, simple and addictive, worth trying

-Create your dream garden and make it more beautiful

-Unique game settings: trade and and race, restore and decorate the garden, experience a novel storyline 

- All in one game! Join the game and decorate your own dream castle!



How To Play

The core of the game is to bring together stars of the same color by matching them, and then reach three and more than three to be able to eliminate successfully, here we come to tell you about the special props that can be generated in the process of elimination. The game's triple elimination game will increase with the difficulty of the game, get props will make the game fast over oh.

Rocket: a small rocket style props, this is the elimination of the cross, the prop will be the center of the horizontal and vertical columns to eliminate all, the practicality is still relatively good, due to the use of fireworks to eliminate the range is relatively small, and the use will consume the number of moves, so it is recommended to use multiple fireworks together again, or use fireworks to eliminate the chains bound by the more difficult to eliminate the blocks

Bombs: a small bomb, you can carry out an area type of explosion elimination, the prop itself as the center, blowing up around a piece. The bomb is relatively wide range of elimination, used to eliminate wood blocks, mounds, chains or whatever is better, and for the rainbow props are also more energy, is more practical props, and the synthesis method is not difficult.

Dynamite: this is still relatively good, the range will be greater than the bomb. Dynamite synthesis is relatively difficult to eliminate a large range, so the synthesis must be used with caution after the success of this prop in the opening game can also be bought, a great help to pass

Gunpowder barrel: this can eliminate all the things. The gunpowder barrel on what to use skills, is directly on the line, eliminating close to half the screen, if the explosive barrel in the top can eliminate the square below the gunpowder barrel first, so you can move the explosive barrel to the bottom a little before using


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