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Toca Kitchen 2
Developer: Toca Boca AB
os: Ios Android
size: 29M
updated: March 17, 2022


Become a talented chef in Toca Kitchen 2!

When you're looking for an educational game for your kids, we recommend Toca Kitchen 2. It's a simple and fun cooking game where kids will be able to cook food and learn how to make a delicious dish in a free world. It is a process full of surprises and you will find unexpected fun in the game!

Toca Kitchen 2 is the new sequel to Toca Kitchen, and if you like Toca Kitchen, then I'm sure Toca Kitchen 2 will bring you even more surprises, with new dishes, new ingredients, new recipes, and even more new things to try. Toca Kitchen 2 provides a stress-free and unrestricted game environment for every player, helping children to use their imagination and understand the world better.

Toca Kitchen 2 provides players with a beautiful kitchen and a variety of fresh ingredients that you can mix and match to create a burger or salad. There are no limits, you can try a variety of food recipes in this free environment, develop your own exclusive cuisine, can you become a talented chef?

Making food is not the only thing, you must satisfy your customers. You will be able to observe the reactions of each customer in the game, discover their preferences and create a special dish for them. This is a chance to show your skills, can you become a qualified chef?

In this game, you don't have to follow the routine, a little surprise now and then will add more fun to the game. Toca Kitchen 2 has endless possibilities for unexpected things to happen. When you are ready, come to the kitchen of Toca Kitchen 2 and become a good chef!



How To Play

Toca Kitchen 2 is a cooking themed game that is easy to play and therefore suitable for players of all ages. In this game, the player takes on the role of a chef and prepares a variety of food in the game's beautiful kitchen.

The controls can be performed by tapping and dragging. What the player has to do is very simple, prepare food for the customers who come to visit. When you want to make a burger, you must find the ingredients you want to use, and then process them in different places. You can use a lot of tools, ovens, fryers and so on. This is also a test of common sense, because you have to understand how the food has to be processed to get to its final form.

Each dish will be carefully cooked and each food will go through different processing procedures, which is the key to its deliciousness. As you prepare the food, observe your customers' reactions when they eat it and learn about their preferences by their reactions.

Unlike Toca Kitchen, Toca Kitchen 2 adds many new ingredients, including chicken, prawns, pineapple, corn, peaches, octopus whiskers, pasta, etc. And this abundance of ingredients will give you more possibilities to experiment with more food recipes, mix several different ingredients together and serve them to your customers.

Toca Kitchen 2 offers players a free game world with no goals and no constraints, you can use your imagination to make special food. Every time you succeed in making a food, you will have a different kind of fun in the game, and that's the goal of the game, to bring more fun times to the players!


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