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Bloons TD 6
Developer: ninja kiwi
os: Android Ios
size: 78M
updated: April 13, 2022


Do you like playing tower defense games? If you answer in the affirmative, Bloons TD 6 is undoubtedly your best choice, it is a fun breakout tower defense game that gives you one of the best and most awesome experiences, the gameplay is not only very rich, the content is also quite exciting. Come and join the millions of players.

Bloons TD 6 is the new Bloons TD series, the best strategy game experience waiting for you, inside the super wonderful game operation by you to perfectly present. Rich soldier turrets, place a variety of powerful hero monkeys, perfect to resist the enemy's attack. The maps are divided into 4 levels according to the difficulty. Each map has three difficulties and many modes that need to be cleared in order. They include 19 newbie maps, 17 intermediate maps, 13 advanced maps and 10 expert maps. Waiting for players to carry out the challenge. The map design of the game is also a highlight. Various gameplay designs. You just need to arrange your monkey army reasonably, each monkey has different ability and of course the price is different, you need to fully understand the ability of each monkey, according to the situation of each level to reasonably allocate different monkeys to fight. Besides using monkeys to attack balloons, you can also build a perfect tower defense mode with monkey towers and upgrade various tower defense skills that can be used to stop balloons from invading. Then defeat every balloon that tries to occupy your territory. You need to keep leveling up and upgrading your combat power. Are you confident to lead your army of monkeys to defeat them?

Bloons TD 6 game still uses the cartoon style graphics design, the picture is very relaxed and cute. The previous defense towers have been changed to 3D modeling, and more and more dangerous balloons have been added. The game experience is smooth and full.



How To Play

Bloons TD 6 is a very joyful balloon fighting game. Players need to make full use of a variety of monkey towers, upgrades, heroes and activation skills to build the perfect line of defense, balloons as players to kill objects also have different abilities, (there are also many kinds, from red, blue, green, yellow to rainbow, ceramic and other 12 different kinds of balloons.) The goal of the game is to kill the various colors of balloons that appear, and to successfully win the level, balloon haircut is important. The game has more than 100 kinds of optimized upgrades to upgrade the ability of your monkey tower and monkey heroes, all monkey heroes will be upgraded with the number of game rounds, or you can get cash to upgrade yourself. The upgrades will help you complete more map levels easily and enjoyably.

Bloons TD 6 Some players think that the most powerful monkey hero is "Arsonist", which is a balloon killer type of hero, and he is a great threat to balloons in the game. The best thing about him is his second skill, he will get a screen full of flames when he releases his second skill, and even the reinforced ceramic balloons will be wiped out.

Bloons TD 6 offers more than 50 creative maps, in addition to adding vision obstacles to the map, some of which can be removed with money. Each level contains a dozen maps with different scenarios, such as Monkey Meadow, Candy Falls, Frozen Three Feet, Easter Spring, Pat's Pond, and Sanctuary/Sanctuary. The gameplay is different for each level, and so are the balloons that are eliminated, making the game very informative. bloons TD 6 inside the monkeys are divided into 4 main categories (main, military, magic, support) to customize an awesome strategy based on the gameplay and content of each level.


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