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Subway Surfers
Developer: Sybo Games ApS
os: Android Ios
size: 153M
updated: April 1, 2022


The super cool parkour competition has started, are you ready? Now, get in Subway Surfers and run along!

This is a thrilling parkour experience, because your race is in the subway tracks. Do you have the confidence to dodge perfectly when the incoming trains come into your sight and the obstacles in front of you block the way? Jump on the carriage or run on the tracks, everything is your choice. But when the danger is close, be sure to switch to the safety of the runway.

There are a lot of dangers but also a lot of surprises. In addition to the unpredictable obstacles, you can also collect a variety of props on the game track. These props will help you run faster and further in the game, or fly into the sky. Each of these props will bring you a different experience, so don't miss them! By the way, don't forget to collect the gold coins in the track, which will be used to buy game items.

In addition to trains and obstacles, there is a bad cop and his big dog behind you, they are chasing you, only run faster and farther to pull away from them. Conversely, if you accidentally fall, you will find that they have come up behind you, so run fast and forward!

When you reach certain achievements, you can unlock more characters as well as props, and these will also bring you more fun! If you want to own them, then try to run farther and farther and challenge your limits!

Subway Surfers can satisfy you, you can not only run on the same track, but also challenge each other to reach the end quickly with lightning speed. Or you can help each other to run further distances and discover more!

Subway Surfers uses 3D cartoon graphics, the characters and the track is very delicate, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the track on the way to run, enjoy the game and relax at the same time. At the same time, the simple game operation and challenging levels are suitable for every player. If you are looking for a fun parkour game, then look no further than Subway Surfers!



How To Play

Subway Surfers game operation is very simple, just by tapping to control the movement of the character. Swipe left to move the character to the left; swipe right to move the character to the right; swipe up to control the character to jump up; swipe down to control the character to slide down. The above is the basic operation of the game, but also all the operations of the entire game.

There are 3 runways in the game, players can control the character to switch freely among the 3 runways. After the game starts, the character will automatically run forward, the player only needs to control the character to avoid the obstacles on the track and the train. When the train is coming, quickly switch to a safe runway. According to the different obstacles to control the character's jump and slide down. In addition to avoiding hazards, players must collect as many gold coins as possible, which can be used to buy props and other items.

In addition to buying props, the track will also be scattered some props, these props can often help players speed up or collect more gold coins. For example, the U-shaped magnet will automatically absorb the gold coins on the track, players do not need to switch the runway to collect them; the flying backpack can make the character fly high into the air without any obstacles, just control the left and right movement to collect the gold coins; the skateboard can resist being caught by the police once. Each prop has a different role, in addition, there will be a mysterious box in the track, the box will be random props and other items.

There is no end to this game, the further you run the higher the score, and at the same time the difficulty will become more and more difficult, because at the back you will find that the speed is getting faster and faster, the number of trains and obstacles will also increase, very challenging. When players get a certain number of gold coins, they can go to the store to buy props or characters. In addition, complete the daily challenges in the game, will have the opportunity to get more gold, props and so on.


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