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Madden NFL 22
os: PlayStation
size: 50 GB
updated: November 20, 2021


Madden NFL 22 is the latest in the NFL series of rugby games, a rugby game in which you can feel the most realistic rugby gameplay, real stadiums, rules to show your skills and become a rugby star to enjoy the cheers of the fans on the field!

What is the game of rugby?

Rugby is the most popular of the four major professional leagues in the United States; it is a ball sport derived from soccer; however, the degree of freedom is higher than that of soccer, as you can kick the ball with your feet, pass the ball with your hands, run with the ball in your arms, pull people's legs, and tackle each other without fouling. It may seem very simple, but it requires a certain amount of skill and ability to master the sport. For the sport itself, it's about tactical cooperation to achieve the purpose of offense and defense, multiple confrontations and crushing of intelligence and physical ability.

Madden NFL 22 is a sports-based game with excellent 3D graphics for your visual enjoyment. The game is designed with multiple levels and different challenges, and you will enjoy the unique charm of football in every game. You will not only enjoy the exciting game, but you will also be the manager of the team; you will be in charge of the team's tactics and training. Lead your team to become the next champion of Madden NFL 22. Experience the whole process of an ordinary player becoming a superstar step by step, with many modes to choose from!

Join me in Madden NFL 22 and enjoy a perfect football game!



How To Play

How to go from being a novice Madden player to a seasoned veteran.

First is how to catch the ball; there are three ways to catch the ball; press the triangle button before the ball reaches the receiving player and have the receiving player use Aggressive catch so that the player will scramble for the ball with the opposing corner. Aggressive catch must be used when fighting for a 50/50 ball and you want the player to continue to advance after the catch to get more yards, this is possible by hitting the square button; allowing the player to continue to advance at high speed straight to the end zone after the catch without braking. The second is the Possession pass; this method is mostly used for sideline catches, where you press the X button and the receiver will keep both feet in bounds as long as possible. How does the receiver hold the ball after he gets it? Press X to use Stiff arm during the catching process, press circle Spin move to make the opponent miss the tackle. Press the triangle button to hurdle the opponent's defender. Push the right stick left and right Juke move to shake the opponent, push the right stick up Truck, pull the right stick down to make a Dead leg to avoid the tackle. When the quarterback is holding the ball, press the square button to slide, if you are not the quarterback holding the ball, it is recommended not to use the slide; long press the square button Dive to gain more yards. How do I attack after receiving the ball? Press the square button to switch plays before the kickoff, the triangle button to select a wide receiver Hot route, use the circle button to switch to the player on the inside of the lineup and then keep pushing the left stick left and right to get the receiver Motion, so you can test the opponent's defensive setup, after everything is ready, click the X button to kick off and destroy the opponent's defense. The defense also has several different ways, and rocker up to push the use of Rip, left and right push can be used to Swim and Club over the opponent, pull down to use the bull rush to overthrow the opponent, pull down the right rocker and then push to the left or right can Spin, so that the offensive line is caught off guard and long press R2 with speed step over the tackle, if the quarterback is ready to pass after passing the line, but it is too late to touch the quarterback If the quarterback is ready to pass after passing the line of scrimmage, but too late to touch the quarterback, you can press the triangle key to jump and destroy the pass. If the opposing player receives the ball after the player receives the ball ready to attack, you can press X to do Breakdown tackle which is the safest way to tackle, press the square key the defensive player will make a flying tackle, you can also use the right stick to vigorously hit the opponent with the ball player to push up to hit the opponent's upper body, pull down to fly directly to the opponent's lower body to let the opponent feel the feeling of flying.


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