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Dessert DIY
os: Android Ios
size: 242.5 MB
updated: Jun 29, 2022


It is said that eating desserts can make you happy! So what would it be like to make your own DIY dessert?

Dessert DIY is a very interesting simulation game, released in September 2021 by CrazyLabs LTD. Dessert DIY is a fun simulation game released in September 2021 by CrazyLabs LTD. The graphics are 3D and the desserts are mostly frozen desserts like ice creams and cones, which have a variety of different looks. Each of the different desserts has a different production method, which to a certain extent reproduces the steps of making these frozen desserts and gives the player a very realistic gaming experience.

In the game, the player has to run a dessert shop. At the beginning of the game, a customer will come to order and tell the player what kind of dessert he wants, and the player has to make the dessert to his satisfaction, and then he will get a reward, which can be used to buy some decorations to decorate the dessert shop. The game is very easy to play, all you have to do is follow the instructions and swipe the screen to make the dessert! However, the instructions do not restrict the choice of ingredients, so you will need to choose the ingredients according to the customer's requirements in order to create a satisfying dessert.

This is a very free game and there are no restrictions on the choice of ingredients other than the customer's requirements. However, you will need to follow the instructions and be patient in the process, as mistakes will result in a failed dessert, which will not satisfy the customer and will not be rewarded.

If you like to play simulation games, and if you like to make delicious desserts, then try Dessert DIY!



How To Play

Dessert DIY is a free-to-play, sophisticated and graphically smooth simulation game. In this game you play the role of a dessert shop owner who specialises in cold desserts and has to create a wide range of desserts according to the needs of his customers. There are many different kinds of desserts, such as ice cream, cones, fried yoghurt... Different desserts are made in different ways and have a variety of different looks.

The game is very easy to play. Once the game starts, the player enters the ordering area and the customer describes his requirements for the ice cream, such as: make your favourite dessert, satisfy my sweet tooth, etc. The customer's request is not too specific, so you can make your own ice cream as long as it meets the customer's requirements, from the choice of ingredients to the method of making it. Once the customer has finished ordering, the player will need to start making the dessert. In the process, the player will need to choose the flavour of the dessert, there are many sauces, such as strawberry and chocolate, and then you can choose various styles of decoration, such as some cake decorations, or weird decorations like cockroaches or ants. Once the dessert is finished, you can give it to the customer and they will make some gestures or expressions, so you can tell if they are satisfied with the dessert.

As the game progresses, the dessert making materials and tools will become more and more abundant, and players can make more and more kinds of desserts, the game will also slowly increase the difficulty, it is a very worthwhile dessert making game, come and try it! Once you have played the game, you can share your experience with others in the comments below!


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