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My Talking Tom 2
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
os: Ios Android
size: 127M
updated: May 5, 2022


Jerking off to a cat's life is well worth your time! I believe that many young people nowadays have cute cats and kittens, whether they are boys or girls, but some of them are still struggling, probably because they don't have time to feed them, they are afraid that they won't have much money to cure their cats and kittens when they are sick, they don't have experience in pet ownership, etc. Various reasons make them hesitant! Congratulations, you do not need to hesitate, here will provide you with a simulation of the pet game --- My Talking Tom 2, I believe that many players have played the first version of My Talking Tom, especially interesting. But My Talking Tom 2 will give players a whole new game experience, not only can they feed, bathe, dress up and so on, just like in real life, but they can also interact with him in various ways and play mini games, as long as they open this game in their free time. My Talking Tom 2 is a casual, simulation game developed by Outfit7 Limited, with a series of interesting stories based on the theme of raising tom cats.

Game features.

① The application is free for players to play, players do not need to spend a penny to get the fun of raising pets

② There are no ads in the game, and the game is also very suitable for children to play, without any bad guidance

③ New upgrade, the game's style is very different from its predecessor, the style of this game is more cute and casual, and the characters are more Q and cute

④ The game contains a variety of types of mini-games, players can play with the tomcat, interactive

⑤ you can dress up the tomcat as you like, the degree of freedom is very high

The game content is very new and unique, I believe that from various perspectives in this game will bring you a different experience, My Talking Tom 2 is a great game to spend your leisure time!



How To Play

My Talking Tom 2 is a casual game, so the gameplay is casual without any difficulty! You can play as much as you want! First you can give dirty Tom a hot bath to make it clean and tidy so that it won't cause him to get sick. Once the hygiene problem is solved, you can prepare some food for him, sandwiches, carrots, sushi, etc., to fill his stomach. If you want to add some fun when he eats, then you can give him some difficult food, such as chili, when the tomcat will eat chili after it will spit fire, the shape is very funny.

This work and its predecessor is the same thing is that this work still inherits the function of the tomcat can repeat the player's words. When you are in a bad mood, you can speak to the tomcat, it will use a funny voice to repeat your words, may make you feel better instantly, if you want to tease it, you can press the fart button when you talk, this time the dog will fart to the tomcat, it will make a disgusted expression and cover his nose and repeat your words, quite a It's quite funny. There are many ways to tease him, for example: press the paper bag button, then Ben will appear again and he will blow up a paper bag and then break it, the sound of breaking will scare the cat jumping up and down, but Ben's pranks sometimes do not succeed, then Ben will be hit by the cat, he will let out a painful wail and then silently walk away, this The picture is very comical.

You can also decorate the tomcat, the game provides players with more than a thousand kinds of clothing, hair color and so on. Players can use their imagination to create a unique look for the tomcat.


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