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Developer: Playrix
os: Ios Android Pc
size: 143M
updated: April 4, 2022


Beautiful large estate think we must be in real life is very difficult to see, usually in the movie plot inside, so that people are very envious, a glance is the green lawn, luxury castle, but also comes with a fountain sunshine down when you can see the rainbow! Do you also want to have this kind of heartwarming home? Then follow my lead and enter homescapes! It will be able to realize your dream. It is a free casual puzzle game developed by Playrix where players can experience not only fun but also challenging levels in the game! Because the game combines elimination + construction as well as design. Players will inherit an old mansion where you spent your entire childhood, but it is now in disrepair, so your parents want to sell it, but you convince your parents to keep it, and you promise them that you will restore the home to its former glory and bring it back to its former look! How to restore it? You need to pass the elimination game and keep getting decorations ...... until it's decorated to your satisfaction!

Game features.

① The game screen is exquisite three-dimensional, plus the scenery is charming scenery, very attractive to the player's eyes

② Some dynamic details are designed perfectly, including characters, players can interact with them at any time, etc. These are praiseworthy

③ The elimination levels are rich and diverse, and the gameplay is unique

④ Combining the elements of triple elimination and interior design decoration, etc., the playability is very high

Homescapes is a free casual game, so players can play at any time without spending a penny, and the game is extremely inclusive, suitable for all ages, as long as you are interested in this casual elimination game, you can play it!



How To Play

Homescapes is similar to Gardenscapes in that it is a classic game of elimination with interior design, decoration, etc. The gameplay is similar to that of Gardenscapes. You can use these coins to buy the decorative items you want, such as sofas, carpets, seats, and so on.

When you enter the game, the whole home is in disrepair, so let's start breaking in! There are many levels in the game, but players need to complete a level to enter the next level, not to be able to choose their own level, and each level of play is different, the goal of elimination will be different, and perhaps the difficulty of the latter is gradually enhanced with the level. For example: the first level requires players to eliminate specific patterns within a specified number of steps, for example, let players eliminate the red pattern, then you need to connect three or more specific patterns together, so that you can successfully eliminate. The most basic and simple is to connect three games of the same pattern together either in vertical or horizontal rows. If the player connects more than three patterns together, they will be combined into a special element, which will help the player to eliminate patterns in a large area and speed up the elimination process. So you need to connect as many of the same patterns together as possible.

You can combine 4 patterns of the same color or 5 patterns of the same color into a field, then it will be combined into an element like a paper airplane, don't underestimate it, it can help you eliminate a column of patterns. Of course, you can also combine these same patterns into different matrices, which will bring you different special effects. In short, the more patterns you combine, the better!


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