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Project Makeover
Developer: Magic Tavern, Inc.
os: Android Ios
size: 249M
updated: April 8, 2022


Hi there, this is the staff of Project Makeover, or pmo for short. The purpose of our program is to help others, but our supervisor, Greta, always likes to push those in trouble into the abyss of self-loathing again, and we need your help to become the new supervisor of pmo, ready to accept the throne, so let's start with us! Project Makeover!

Project Makeover is a very fun casual dress up game, where you will simulate the life of the protagonist, choose your favorite style to dress up, from ordinary to shiny is the need for skills, oh, you have the confidence? Project Makeover as a very interesting 3d dress-up game at the same time, also incorporates a series of game elements such as free decoration and three elimination, to give players an unprecedented new dress-up experience.

The game has many guests who are in desperate need of a makeover, they all want to look better with your help, so you need to give them a complete and deep makeover, not only need to help them cut their hair or need to give them a thorough cleaning, after these preparations are ready, you can choose hair, cosmetics and a variety of decorations to makeover them, so that they become more beautiful. After completing the remodeling, you will get some fees, which you can use to buy yourself a variety of furniture to make your home warmer.

Game Features

-Get a much-needed makeover and help people achieve their dreams! 

-Choose very fashionable clothes, hair, makeup, and even furniture! 

-Handle every demanding guest and go show what you can do!



How To Play

After entering the game, you will start to enter the plot, Gretta is making derogatory remarks to a girl who looks very rustic, although it is not good to say so, but this will show the image of the game is indeed Gretta looks more sophisticated and stylish, while the heroine looks very sloppy, indeed quite ordinary, it is more like a rest day in the morning just wake up has not cleaned up their appearance, but Gretta's words Very bad, let the girl feel very sad, such as saying something what your rustic can not save, you are so rustic for life is your end, this kind of words, let the girl sad run away, this time will come out of a group of men, to Greta said these things to this end, there will be a new person to replace you, Greta taunted a few sentences, the game will let you give yourself a brand new nickname, some arguments After the end of the plot, the game is also considered the very beginning.

So first let's start with the hair and makeup, this game is the player to carry out the task of the big transformation, the NPCs are auxiliary, transformation requires gold coins, use gold coins to first help the heroine take off that big black-framed glasses, take off the eyes, will become a little more spirit, then want to carry out the next step, you need more gold coins, this time we can get through the stage This is both the focus of our game play, by playing the three elimination levels to get gold, gold is used to transform, so in essence the game play may be more towards the three elimination over the level, transformation or something, can only be considered an attraction over the auxiliary tools.

Of course, the game's triple elimination gameplay is similar to the others, by sliding the same color tokens together and then three or more of the same color will be eliminated, and the opportunity to obtain props, thus making it easier to pass the level.


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