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Developer: Zakeh Limited
os: Ios Android
size: 23MB
updated: March 30, 2022


Nowadays there are many kinds of electronic pets, such as Tom, Angela, Hank in the Tom Cat series, and today this pou, you may think how a potato or a strange object can also be a pet, so a potato can also be a pet? Yes, yes, this pet is so strange, as long as you like, then you can take it as your electronic pet, this game is also the same as other electronic pets, need your care and attention, you also need to feed it, take care of its emotions, you can also play other small games with it, this pou small pet game is so interesting.

But you adopt your little pet, you will find it is an electronic pet with feelings, when you take it to play, you need to give it a bath, give it clean, it is like your real life pet is the same need to eat at a certain time, just like you, every day has a set meal time, play, as well as rest, when you do not have time to take care of it, you will find that its health will be affected, then you Do you prefer a healthy little pet or a sick one?

In this game you do not instantly take care of everything about this pet, it will be affected by health, of course, you want to improve its happy value, you can dress it up, dress it up a bit, give it new clothes, you can also unlock different backgrounds with it everything, of course, this pou pet game has a lot of interesting content waiting for you to discover with your little pet.

This pou game is a simple and interesting small game, but the game content is very rich, the game style is also fresh and lovely type, is the best choice for you sad, sad!

Now, your little pet is here for you to adopt and wait for you to take care of it, what are you hesitating for? Your little pet can accompany you to old age, you need to accompany your little pet to grow up oh.



How To Play

This game is very simple to play, you mainly do is to take care of your little pet, you need to care for it, and also need to play games on its behalf, do sports, when you adopt it when it is still a small body, as you feed it every day, it will slowly grow, and then its body will also have some changes, and then you can start to dress it, you can try to change new clothes.

Of course, you usually have to pay attention to Pou's diet degree, health degree, mood degree and other status, you can also go with it to experience other resting places such as playroom, bathroom, bedroom, etc. If you want to take it to play, you can take it outdoors to play ball with other little friends, walk, and fun car races, you can challenge these small games with it.

After you have taken your pet to experience the fun of these small games, you need to let it rest, it is actually very simple, but you turn off the table lamp, the pet will automatically rest. Your little pet needs your care and attention, you need to take it seriously and help it grow and have fun.

This pou rest game allows you to experience more mini-games and a variety of ways to play, you can also unlock your best choice when you are in a bad mood and do not have friends to accompany you, you can also talk to it, it will be your best little friend, it will never leave you, so what are you hesitating, hurry into this pou game and get your own electronic pet!

If you don't quite know how to take care of your little pet, the game will provide some tips on this game that can help you turn your little pet into an adaptable adult pet.


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