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Angry Birds 2
os: Android Ios
size: 302.8 MB
updated: May 31, 2022


Did you know? There is such a game it as early as ten years ago has been popular around the world, harvesting countless players' love, this game it is "angry birds". This is a casual puzzle game for all ages, the background of the game is a group of fat pigs stole the birds' eggs, the angry birds then launched a revenge action against the fat pigs, the birds flew over to use their bodies to hit the fat pigs and destroy them. The game is simple and easy to learn, after the game starts the player will get the level to provide a few bird props, the left is a few props birds next to the slingshot, the right is hiding in the block room inside the fat pigs, blocks have concrete, wood and glass, the player needs to use the slingshot to launch the birds out, can directly hit the exposed fat pigs, but also by crashing the building to crush the fat pigs.

As it is a casual puzzle game, the game difficulty will be enhanced with the number of levels, the pigs that need to be defeated and eliminated will be different for each level, and the props provided by the level birds will also be different, for example, the following belong to the common birds.

1, red birds, small size, light weight, weak attack, no skills, can only be launched from the slingshot to cause impact damage.

2, blue bird, very small, light weight, weak attack, but has a skill, launched can click the screen again, the blue bird will be split into three scattered attacks, more suitable for attacking glass.

3, yellow bird, small size, has a skill, launched out can click the screen once more, the yellow bird will get accelerated, the attack power to enhance, attack wood stronger.

Constantly changing levels, increasing difficulty, come together to teach this group of abominable pigs!



How To Play

If you are given three red birds in the opening game and a pig hiding in a wooden block, how do you use the least number of birds to defeat the pig in the wood? Aim the birds on the slingshot at the wooden block where the pig is and then release your finger, you will see the birds being launched to break the wood causing the block where the pig is to collapse and then the pig is killed by its own block instead. A stone will be broken only if two red birds attack the same stone in succession. From this we can know that the protection of the glass is the weakest point, the stone is the strongest, sometimes you just need to attack the glass and piggy hiding in the block room to lose balance can kill the piggy inside.

Later levels of increasing difficulty, such as this game has several layers of glass to protect the piggy, but you only have three blue birds and a red bird, you can use the characteristics of the blue bird split to consume the glass and then use the red bird to target the piggy to give the piggy a fatal blow, it should be noted that the game has the flight path of the previous bird launched, we can use this track to We can use this track to adjust the bird flying out of the guide.

The game has five kinds of magic weapons, you can use such as: snowstorm: the building will freeze into ice, ice is not as stable as stone and wood, may appear to collapse. Chili: randomly make a pig on fire and a powerful explosion. Divine Eagle: The dark shadow of the divine eagle when it is out can destroy everything between it and its favorite sardines.

Those pigs are actually not dead yet, so get ready and go together to teach these damn pigs a lesson!


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