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Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Developer: TapBlaze
os: Android Ios
size: 118M
updated: May 4, 2022


Do you like to eat delicious pizza? If you answer in the affirmative, then do you know how delicious pizza is made? Now this game will lead you to learn how pizza is made, isn't it exciting and interesting, join in now and try it out! See if you can become the unique pizza master.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza" is a casual pizza management game in which you can experience the whole process of preparing ingredients and making pizza. You also have to learn how to become a good store manager, provide a good service to customers and try to improve the store's revenue.

The game style is cartoon style to increase the fun of the game, very warm and comfortable, the game process is more relaxed and enjoyable, the picture is bright and colorful, and looks as good as the fairy tale world, to bring players comfortable visual enjoyment. Each customer who comes to buy a pizza, you can start an interesting dialogue with them, to understand their needs and tastes, to make a delicious pizza. The cartoon exquisite painting style together with the lovely characters will surely make you remember and immerse yourself more in the world of the game.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza" is a charming pizza making game in which you will run a pizza store and make delicious pizzas for your customers, and like real life, different customers have different tastes, which requires players to learn the practice of various flavors of pizza. You can not only experience the fun of running a pizza store, but also learn a variety of skills to make pizza, it is very meaningful to play.



How To Play

Good Pizza, Great Pizza" is also very simple to play, even new players will quickly master, after entering the game there will be a very short new tutorial to teach you familiar with the interface of the game about how to operate, after understanding you can start to operate. The first day of business begins! Your first customer will be an older man who wants a basic pizza with sauce and cheese, cut into six pieces; after you understand his tastes and needs. Next you will start making it for him at the production table.

First, lay the dough flat to form a pastry. A standard pizza consists of two basic ingredients: sauce and cheese. Make sure the top of the pizza is completely covered with sauce and cheese. Then put the sauce and cheese into the oven and bake it to maturity, so that the delicious and fragrant pizza comes out of the oven. The customer needs six pieces, using a pizza cutter along the cut into six pieces. This way a qualified pizza is made, packed for the customer and handed over to him. The customer will give you some evaluation after tasting it, and will score it according to the pizza you made, so you must make it according to the customer's requirements, and meet each other's needs as much as possible, in order to get five-star reviews. The operation is very simple, according to the production of pizza, with a variety of different ingredients, of course, you can also create different flavors of pizza, to attract customers, to meet the needs of different customer tastes.

If you keep playing every day, there are plenty of pizza toppings to unlock, including pepperoni, sausage, onions, etc.

You can also use the transferred money to upgrade some facilities and appearance of the store and buy some decorations, which will attract more customers to come into the store to eat and spend.


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