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Traffic Escape!
Developer: FOMO GAMES
os: Android Ios
size: 329.5 MB
updated: Apr 4, 2024


Have you ever experienced congestion on the road? Have you ever been in a traffic jam on the road and you've been looking forward to getting through it? Even want to go ahead and guide the traffic, now is your chance! Traffic Escape! is a very fun 3D puzzle game, in this game you will play the role of the traffic conductor, you need to direct those congested vehicles how to move, so as to play a role in easing the traffic, in the command of the time you need to be careful, try to avoid collisions between the vehicles so that the road becomes smooth. The road becomes smooth.

Traffic Escape! can be loved by the majority of players is not without reason, in the process of the game it focuses on the process of the game fun and experience, and did not forget to incorporate challenges. The game has a lot of levels, each of which presents a different challenge, and as the game progresses, the difficulty of the game increases, and when you pass the level, you will get a sense of satisfaction, which is a feeling that makes you want to stop playing.

Traffic Escape! In addition to the content of the game, the game's screen production is also very attentive, there is no complex picture to elaborate, but to use the simplest picture and model, so that you can more intuitively observe the situation of vehicular traffic, although the picture is simple, but in the details of the processing has not been ignored, every move and turn as much as possible to simulate the daily life of the vehicle's real situation, so that you feel as if you were really in the real world. Every movement and turn simulates the real situation of vehicles in daily life as much as possible, which makes you feel as if you are really in the traffic command.

Traffic Escape! is a great puzzle game, if you like this kind of simple and intuitive game, then do not miss it, join the traffic will only be in the middle, with the smooth road, your mood will also be smooth!



How To Play

Traffic Escape! is a fun casual puzzle gameThe real attraction of the game lies in its levels, which are rich and varied, with different levels having different levels of difficulty, each with a unique layout and increasingly complex ways to pass. Each level has a unique layout and an increasingly complex way of passing. When you pass a level and enter another, the types of vehicles will become more varied, the unlocking method will also change, and the difficulty of the game will also increase.

When you enter the game and open a level, you may feel at a loss, but in fact you only need to master a few techniques to make the traffic flow quickly. First of all, you need to observe the traffic congestion in the level, you can first imagine what you will do in the first step, and then what may happen next, in short, one step to see two steps. Then you need to pay attention to the different cars, which are different sizes and take up different amounts of space. This is when you need to move more carefully so as not to cause more traffic jams. If you want to pass the levels, it's important to have patience, rushing to speed will only cause more collisions, slowing down will allow you to plan your moves better and you'll find a better way to get through the levels.

The difficulty of Traffic Escape! is that it is constantly increasing in challenge and difficulty. As the game progresses, there are more and more vehicles, and the time limit for the level becomes tighter and tighter. You'll need to keep a cool head to play the game, don't get stuck in a rut, and learn to adjust your game strategy from different angles to help you get through the levels better!

Want to clean up these traffic jams? What are you waiting for, join us in Traffic Escape!


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