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Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
os: Android Ios
size: 125MB
updated: April 5, 2022


It's amazing that you haven't played such a hot game yet? It has taken the country by storm and is not quite the same as any other game play. It relies on cell phone positioning, allowing players to play in the real world, which means players can lend their group this realistic platform to carry out an elf capture game, including fighting each other, capturing and so on. I'm sure many veteran players already know exactly which game it is! Of course it is a free adventure game developed by Niantic, Inc. -------- Pokémon GO. The game uses AR reality augmentation technology, which is what makes Pokémon GO different from other games. The game's map will be combined with the real world, as well as with the capture of sprites, which means that players can capture a virtual pet in a realistic environment, and that's amazing! I believe this process will give players a super high gaming experience, while also increasing the authenticity and fun of the game. Different environments will project different sprites.

The game's creation is mostly inspired by the game "Ingress", but there are many differences with it. For example, players in the game need to capture sprites and train and battle them. Players only need to move their position. In this game, players in hatching sprites no longer like the previous game can use outside forces, such as the use of the egg incubator, but requires players to constantly move their position, and wait until a certain distance to successfully hatch new Pokémon!

Game features.

① A variety of Pokémon characters, such as: Pikachu, Mythical Frog Seed, Little Fire Dragon, Genie Turtle, etc., there is always something you like!

② The game has a social mechanism, players can social interaction with other players in the game

③ Based on the real real world, the sense of immersion is more intense

If you are interested in this type of game, then hurry up and join! Believe that when a different experience!



How To Play

Want to become an elf master quickly in Pokémon GO? Then look down, it's actually quite simple! New players can also quickly get started, after entering the game, the system will provide players with three sprites for players to practice capturing, Mythical Frog Seed, Little Fire Dragon, Genie Turtle these three, players can choose one at will, because the choice you make will not have any impact on the follow-up. Of course, if you want to fix the capture of a specific Pokemon is also possible, for example: the super popular Pikachu. So you will not be able to capture the three elves provided by the system at first, but they will always be running around you, this time must be determined to ignore it. After about four or five times, they will disappear and the Pikachu you want will appear on the screen, and that's it, you can catch them!

In the game to capture the pixie may seem very simple, but in fact, it also requires some skills. It's not as simple as throwing the pixie ball at the pokemon. When the pokemon appear, a white circle will also appear around the pokemon, as well as a smaller colored circle than the white circle, if you throw the pokemon ball outside the white circle, then this means that you failed to capture and also lost a pokemon ball. The most correct way is to throw it inside the white circle, but of course if you throw it into the colored circle, then your experience will be multiplied, depending on your skills.

The colored circles are not random, it will indicate the difficulty of catching elves, for example: red circle is the most difficult, green circle is the easiest, of course, there will be yellow and orange, so their respective order is green, yellow, orange, red . There are many different capture techniques in the game waiting for you to dig.


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