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Cube Escape Collection
Developer: Rusty Lake
os: Android Ios
size: 95MB
updated: May 25, 2023


Cube Escape Collection is an adventure puzzle game developed and operated by Rusty Lake with a magical style and beautiful painting. The game has a lot of story chapters for players to unlock the adventure, each chapter has a unique style, so that players play more rich and interesting, unique game perspective and mysterious elements of the game, a variety of details that are not easy to notice, while players need to find out the truth of the whole case through the details of these clues. In the game you will be in a room, it will be a mysterious trip, in this room there are always some strange images and even things, find ways to connect them to solve the story behind!

In Cube Escape Collection game players have to find ways to escape from the trapped house, in the scene you can look for some helpful gadgets, although most of the tools, in the screen probably point and click to get, but there are some still hidden deep, need to players to use their brains, give full play to their brain advantage to complete the game.

In addition, due to the Cube Escape Collection this game in the puzzle type is very rich, so each level of the puzzle is not the same way, you need to find all the props that can be utilized by the player in the scene, and multi-scene interactions, very much a test of the player's thinking and logic skills.

Cube Escape Collection puzzle game sought after by many players, the only purpose of the game is to find the square in the scene to achieve the purpose of escape, and therefore also triggered a series of drama, the perfect plot and puzzle gameplay in one piece, so that the game is not only full of mysterious colors, there is also a drop of horror elements, like the players hurry to experience try it.



How To Play

Welcome to the mysterious world of Cube Escape Collection. Entering the game, you will enter a mysterious house and switch the viewpoints of the room, looking for clues in the corners and collecting many suspicious objects. These items can be reassembled or placed in the right place in the scene, and then step by step you will enter a mysterious universe beyond your imagination.

The Cube Escape Collection game takes you on a journey into a mysterious universe that is beyond your imagination, as you reassemble clues you have from common and familiar objects. Everything will start to take twists and turns. As you progress through the levels, some levels will eventually reveal a dark figure hovering and watching you. Sometimes it's a dead body, sometimes it's a hand that appears and hands you a mysterious Cube, and the game starts out mundane and then takes you all the way to a world of noirish curiosity.

But in Cube Escape Collection, you can experience the storyline of the game in a sequence of chapters. Between each level, the game also lays eggs and achievements for you to explore. Basically, if you go through the levels in order, you'll remember the answers as soon as you see them.

Meanwhile, Cube Escape Collection uses the most classic gameplay with full of strange art and music effects to construct a complete and mysterious Rusty Lake through one mysterious story chapter after another. Perhaps when you first come across the game, you will be confused, but after experiencing one or two stories carefully, you will be attracted by the storyline constructed by the game, and slowly discover the connection between each story. The connection between the stories, pulling out the cocoon to piece together the dark side of the whole story.


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